About Us

Loanqubes is a creative money space in the financial landscape that offers a free suite of Loan services to both Business entities and individuals

We are a young team with analytical minds and progressive approach to make money matters more than its worth.

With a single focus of empowering you, we train and nurture our team of financial experts. We continuously upgrade our skills, knowledge and keep abreast of the ever changing financial industry to develop all inclusive insights.

We are the service innovators- our experts examine your present and imagine a future by giving your needs, first the Human attention and then offering the best propositions at our platform equipped with advance fintech systems.

We don’t merely sell ! We understand, feel and process special solutions by absolving all complexities in a most convenient way.

About CEO

Arun Matta an astute Finance professional and a visionary leader brings over rich experience of 20 years from various financing areas such as Lending, Banking, Investment, etc.

He exhibits and executes various analytical skills for giving best of the services to the Clients in the financial lending landscape of assets lending.

His thorough know how and keen knack of understanding of Customer profiles and application of analytical and Artificial Intelligence tools help Customers to get the best suited Funding’s.

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